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Arquipelago – Life and Marine Sciences 30

ARQUIPELAGO - Life and Marine Sciences, publishes annually original scientific articles, short communications and reviews on the terrestrial and marine environment of Atlantic oceanic islands and seamounts.


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Age and growth of the pink dentex Dentex gibbosus (Rafinesque, 1810) caught off the Madeira Archipelago ALVES, A. & J. VASCONCELOS
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Reproductive biology of Oxychilus(Atlantoxychilus) spectabilis (Milne-Edwards, 1885) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata): a gametogenic approach FERREIRA, A.F., A.M. FRIAS MARTINS, R. TRISTÃO DA CUNHA, P. MELO & A.R. RODRIGUES
download (750KB)
Links between marine fauna and oceanic fronts on the Patagonian Shelf and Slope ARKHIPKIN, ALEXANDER, PAUL BRICKLE & VLADIMIR LAPTIKHOVSKY
download (11MB)
Termites (Isoptera) in the Azores: an overview of the four invasive species currently present in the archipelago FERREIRA, M.T., P.A.V. BORGES, L. NUNES, T.G. MYLES, O. GUERREIRO & R.H. SCHEFFRAHN
download (1,4MB)
New records of exotic spiders and insects to the Azores, and new data on recently introduced species BORGES, P.A.V., M. REUT, N.B. DA PONTE, J.A. QUARTAU, M. FLETCHER, A.B. SOUSA, M. POLLET, A.O. SOARES, J.A.P. MARCELINO, C. REGO & P. CARDOSO
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New data on the scale insects (Hemiptera, Coccoidea) of Tenerife, Canary Islands YAIR BEN-DOV
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First record of Ligia oceanica (Linnaeus, 1767) (Isopoda: Ligiidae) in the Canary Islands RAMÍREZ, R. & R. RIERA
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New data on the Odonate fauna from Graciosa Island (Azores) VIEIRA, VIRGÍLIO & ADOLFO CORDERO-RIVERA
download (230KB)
Phyllidia flava Aradas, 1847 (Mollusca Opisthobranchia), new record for the Azores HART, J. & P. WIRTZ
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In Memoriam Malcolm Clarke
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