Call IMAR /Investigador Doutorado /FUN AZORES

  • Position:

IMAR – Institute of Marine Research is opening a call for applications for for a fixed-term research contract within the funded research project “Fun Azores” Acores 01-0145-FEDER-000123.

  • Scientific area: Biological Sciences/Biodiversity Patterns, ecological modelling.
  • Admission requirements:

 Candidates of any nationality must hold a PhD degree in marine biology, ecology, environmental sciences or related fields, and at least one post-doc experience.

Candidates are also required to demonstrate:

1. Sound knowledge and experience in the fields of ecological modelling of macro-ecology,

2. Proficiency in quantitative analyses (preferably in R).

3. Knowledge of functional diversity, ecology or biodiversity

4. Knowledge of deep-sea and or open ocean biodiversity

5. Experience in working with different databases;

6. excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Position description:

The candidate will work on  research activities developed under projects currently ongoing at IMAR. Institute of Marine Research. In addition, the candidate will be required to contribute to achieving the strategic mission of the R&D Centre.

The candidate will have the following coordination, research and advisory responsibilities:

1. identify the existing databases and review literature of species traits, including life history traits, dispersal and connectivity traits, in particular from the Condor seamount and Menez Gwen marine protected area

2. Elaborate an optimal protocol to construct the Azorean species functional trait matrix.

3. Create data matrix of Azores Marine Biodiversity, including environmental gradients that influence species occurrence  and biotic interactions

4. Create a functional trait database from the selected ecosystems for selected functional traits

5. Develop models to understand how species traits affect ecosystem functions and which traits contribute mostly to the stability of after disturbance.

6. Assist in the organization of project meetings, workshops and reports.

  • Applicable legislation:

 Code of the Portuguese labour, approved by the Law nº7/2009 of 12th of February with all the modifications introduced thereafter

  • Working Location

The candidate will join and cooperate with a dynamic team working on deep sea ecology and open ocean. Work will be conducted at-IMAR -University of Azores (Faial Island) under supervision of Ana Colaço Phd, and in cooperation with the external adviser Amanda Bates .The candidate will spend most time in the Azores but may have the opportunity to visit the other labs for joint work.

  • Contract duration: The contract will be valid for 12 months, renewable up to a maximum of 2 year within the timeframe of the funding project, and according to the Portuguese law. Under no circumstances will the contract be in force beyond the period required for execution of the project and may not exceed the legal limit of  two years
  • Compensation: The researcher will be paid under the category of Técnico Doutorado (index 38) corresponding to gross value of 2385.80€, including all other benefits described in the Portuguese legislation.
  • Evaluation criteria:

The selection of candidates will be based on curriculum evaluation, taking into account the academic record and the demonstration of the capabilities listed in the admission requirements. Interviews may be conducted to better assess the capability of candidates

  • Application submission: The call will be open from 14th to 25th October 2019. Applications must be submitted by email, with the subject “Call – IMAR /Fun Azores 2019” to Dra.Sandra Silva ( com cc para Doutora Ana Colaco (, with the following documents: letter of motivation with justification of skills for the position, detailed Curriculum Vitae, and copy of university degrees and other certificates. Failure to submit the requested documents will result in the exclusion of the applicant.
  • Evaluation committee: Dr. Ana Colaço (President of the committee), Dr. Marina Carreiro e Silva (vogal); Dr. Daphne Cuvelier (vogal) ; Dr. Rui Prieto (Vogal).The composition of the evaluation committee may be changed in case of eventual conflict of interests with competing candidates.
  • Notification of results:

The final results will be presented in a list ranked by the candidates’ final scores, to be sent by e-mail to all applicants. The successful candidate will be notified via email. If the decision is unfavourable, the candidates have 10 working days to appeal. The jury may not select any of the applicants based on insufficient quality of the applications or inadequate candidate profile