IMAR – Institute of Marine Research is opening a call for applications for an uncertain resolute term researcher contract, expected starting date June 2020.

1- Position: IMAR-Instituto do MAR is opening a call for a researcher contract (M/F) within the projects “Integrated Assessment of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems in Space and Time”-  iAtlantic funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 818123 and the Blue Azores cooperation protocol (Identifying priority areas for conservation in the Azores) managed by IMAR-Instituto do MAR, at the Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas da Universidade dos Açores.

2 – Scientific area: Biological Sciences

3 – Admission requirements

 Candidates must hold:

  1. A PhD degree in marine ecology or biology, or a related field;
  2. At least 5 years of post-PhD experience as an independent researcher with relevant experience in the scientific field of research of the call;
  3.  Scientific independence demonstrated through scientific competence, originality and international recognition, by the leadership and management of research projects and scientific cruises, by experience in doctoral or post-doctoral supervision, and by the competitive research funds attracted at national or international level;
  4. Proven background in the biology and ecology of deep-sea ecosystems, particularly of cold-water coral ecosystems;
  5. Proven experience in experimental design, planning and execution of aquaria-based experiments; technical know-how on the set-up of aquaria experimental systems, and cold-water coral husbandry, manipulation of environmental parameters in a controlled environment, such as CO2, temperature, pH;
  6. Proven experience in the planning and execution of scientific deep-sea campaigns;
  7. Good knowledge of the taxonomy of deep-sea benthic biodiversity in the Azores namely Cnidaria Anthozoa;
  8. A good publication record in the field of the call, namely the impacts of climate change on cold-water corals and calcium carbonate cycling, coral biology and taxonomy and characterization of deep-sea benthic communities;
  9. Preference will be given to candidates with good knowledge of deep-sea ecosystems in the Azores region.

The non-compliance of these requirements imposes the exclusion of the application.

4 – Work plan The selected candidate will have the following coordination and execution responsibilities:

  1. Assist with the management of different research projects, mentoring post-docs, students and other project tasks;
  2. Lead baseline studies on the functioning of key deep-sea benthic ecosystems in the Azores, namely cold-water corals,  
  3. Lead studies on multiple stressor impacts on the functioning of  deep-sea benthic ecosystems;  
  4. Lead aquaria-based studies on the impact of changes in ocean chemistry (temperature, pH, oxygen) and increased particle exposure from mining on adult and larval stages of cold-water corals;
  5. Lead taxonomic studies on the benthic megafauna specimens collected during cruises and  specimens in IMAR-UAzores biological reference collection;
  6. Lead studies on cold-water coral life history traits, including age, growth and reproduction;
  7. Participate on the characterization of deep-sea benthic communities and identification of vulnerable marine ecosystems in the Azores based on video imagery data;
  8. Participate in the planning and execution of scientific campaigns using different underwater image collection systems (drop-down and towed systems, ROVs, and submersibles);

5 – Applicable legislation: Code of the Portuguese labour, approved by the Law nº7/2009 of 12th February with all the modifications introduced thereafter

6 – Working Location: The work will be developed at IMAR- Instituto do MAR, based at the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores in Horta (Faial Island).

7 – Contract duration:  

  1. The contract is to address a temporary need of IMAR, during the period strictly necessary for this purpose, on an exclusive basis as mandated by IMAR-Institute do Mar contract regulations and Portuguese legislation, in particular the Portuguese Labour Code.

The contract will remain active from the date of signature until the end of the project´s funding, or completion of the work. The contract expires when predicting the occurrence of the term, IMAR communicates this information to the Researcher, with at least seven, 30 or 60 days as the contract has lasted up to six months, six months to two years or longer period

8 – Compensation: The researcher will be paid according the category of Investigador Auxiliar, index 195, corresponding to gross value (before taxes) of €3201.39, including all other benefits described in the Portuguese legislation.

9 – Evaluation criteria: The selection of candidates will be based on curriculum evaluation, taking into account the demonstration of the capabilities listed in the admission requirements. Interviews may be conducted to better assess the capability of candidates.

10 – Application submission: The call will be open from 8 to 21 May 2020.  Application should be submitted by email, addressed to Monica Silva, ( cc Sandra Silva with the subject “Call – iAtlantic/BlueAzores – 2020”, including the following documents: a motivation letter including a personal evaluation of the scientific and curricular backgrounds, for the last 5 years, adequate for the position; detailed Curriculum Vitae; official documents of the academic degree and certificates and other relevant documents.

11 – Evaluation committee: The evaluation committee is composed by Mónica Silva (Chair), Pedro Afonso (member) and Christopher Pham (member).  The composition of the evaluation committee may be changed in case of eventual conflict of interests with competing candidates.

12 – Notification of results: The results will be presented in a list ranked by the candidates’ final scores, to be sent by e-mail to all applicants. The successful candidate will be notified via email. If the decision is unfavourable, the candidates have 10 working days to appeal. IMAR reserves the right to cancel this process and not select any candidate, if no candidate presents the required academic training, the qualifications and/or does not meet the conditions and/or profile deemed necessary for the efficient execution of activity.