GRANT – FRCT/2018/M3.1.a/BGCT/09

1- An application is now open for 1 Science and Technology Management Scholarship (BGCT);

2- Scientific Area: Physical Oceanography / Biological Oceanography / Observational Oceanography / Satellite Oceanography;

3- The tender is open for 12 months, beginning on January 1, 2019, renewable up to a
maximum of 3 years;

4- Applicable Legislation: Law No. 40/2004, of August 18, with subsequent amendments, which approves the Statute of the Scientific Research Grantor; Normative Order No. 44/2015 of December 21, in the wording introduced by the Normative Dispatch No. 16 / 2018 of August 6, 2018 that approves the General Regulation of Scholarships for Scientific Research and Management Support of the Regional Fund for Science and Technology, hereinafter referred to as RGB; Regional Legislative Decree 10/2012 / A of March 26, approving the legal regime of the scientific and technological system of the Azores and the system of allocation of financial incentives, called PRO-SCIENTIA; Decree – Regulatory no. 17/2012 / A of July 4, which regulates the access conditions and the general rules of PRO-SCIENTIA support.

The application period is from December 3rd to 14th, 2018. Applications submitted after 5.30pm (Azores time) on the last day of the deadline are not accepted for evaluation.

1- Individuals who have the requirements exposed Article 11 (a), (b) and (c) of the General Regulation of Scientific Research Grants and Management Support of the FRCT may apply for this competition.

2- Conditions of admissibility
a) Master or PhD in “Oceanography”, “Physical Oceanography”, “Physics”, “Geophysical Sciences”, “Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics”, “Marine Biology”, “Biology”, “Marine Sciences”;

b) Experience (proven) in the analysis and processing of oceanographic data (particularly physical, but also biological and / or chemical) obtained from oceanographic cruises or remote sensing sensors;

c) Experience (proven) in the analysis and processing of satellite data for Earth  Observation (e.g. Ocean Color, SST, radar altimetry, etc.);

d) Expertise in (proven) computer programming or experience in the use of traditional oceanographic data programming language/software (e.g. Seasoft, ODV, MatLab, Surfer, IDL, Fortran, Seadas, Beam, etc.);

e) Experience in scientific cruises and handling of traditional oceanographic instrumentation (e.g. CTD, ADCP, oceanographic mooring, XBT, etc.) is not compulsory in the tender procedure, but constitutes an advantage.

3- Preferred factors, valued in terms of curricular analysis:
a) Oral and written fluency in English;
b) Experience in working with international teams and / or projects;
c) Experience in the production of technical and scientific reports;
d) Degree of Doctor obtained in a recognized institution.

1- The Work Plan will focus on the activities to be carried out within the scope of the research project EAPA_165 / 2016: “iFADO: Innovation in the Framework of the Atlantic Deep Ocean”, financed by the INTERREG | Atlantic Area, namely:

– Under the WP4: to process data and interpret data obtained from oceanographic cruises carried out by the Oceanography team of the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the University of the Azores (past and present) in the Azores; data research and process from national / international oceanographic databases available for the Azores region (inventory, processing and analysis); collaborate in the preparation and definition of the sampling plan and the collection of oceanographic data (biotic and abiotic) and participate, when necessary, in oceanographic cruises to be carried out under the iFADO project and other associates;

Under the WP6: satellite data processing (Ocean Colour, TSS and altimetry) for several areas to be selected for the Azores under the regional interest and within the framework of the DEQM. Analyze main patterns of distribution of parameters in time and space, anomalies and
trends, among others; compare these results with the results of other regions under study by the consortium;

– Contribution / active participation in the publication and dissemination of the project results.

2- The project will be developed in the Azores, in the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the University of the Azores (Faial Island), where the Oceanography group is located, under the scientific guidance of Prof. Doctor Ana Martins.


1- Applications must be submitted electronically through the application form available on the website with the address;

2- To access the application form, it is mandatory to pre-register in the Regional Scientific and Technological System, through the Internet site (, until 48 hours before the deadline for submitting applications. At the time of pre-registration, interested candidates should make an application for association with the institution Regional Fund for
Science and Technology in the application form itself;

3- Applications which are not completed by the closing time/date of the competition will be
automatically excluded.

1- The evaluation of the applications will be the responsibility of a jury composed of 2 members of the FRCT and 1 Professor of the University of the Azores;
2- Applications will be evaluated on the basis of two criteria:
– Curricular evaluation (60% of weighting factor)
– Interview (40% of weighting factor)

1- The financing of the scholarship will include the components mentioned in a) to c) of article 20 of Regulatory Order No. 44/2015 of December 21st in the wording introduced by Normative Order No. 16/2018 of August 6th, 2018, which approves the General Regulation of Scholarships for Scientific Research and Management Support of the Regional Fund for Science and Technology;
2- The monthly allowance is € 1,160.00, in the case of the admitted candidate having the Master’s degree, or € 1,750.00, in the case of the admitted candidate having the degree of Doctor, as defined in the table of values of grants awarded directly by the FRCT.

Any additional information may be requested from the Regional Fund for Science and Technology, Rua do Mercado, no. 21,9500-326 Ponta Delgada, by phone +351 296 308 945,
or email