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popa, programa de observação para as pescas dos açores. para uma pesca responsável


  • The Dolphin Safe concept
  • The capture of cetaceans
        in the Azores
  • POPA
  • Monitoring other fisheries
  • The POPA Team
  • Boats & "Mestres"




    4 .Monitoring other fisheries

    Monitoring tuna fishery is the main goal of the Program but the POPA team is prepared to supervise any other fishery occurring in the Azores or even outside the regional EEZ. In 1999, the Regional Secretary has implemented a regional law (portaria regional 31/99) which recognizes POPA as a Program with full capacity for monitoring any kind of fishery.

    The POPA Program has already worked with several fisheries such as:
    black scabbard fishery with drift bottom long line,
    experimental king crab fishery with bottom traps
    and pole and line fishery for tuna in Angola.

    >> 5 .The POPA Team


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