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Arquipelago – Life and Marine Sciences 34

ARQUIPELAGO - Life and Marine Sciences, publishes annually original scientific articles, short communications and reviews on the terrestrial and marine environment of Atlantic oceanic islands and seamounts.


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Long-term monitoring across elevational gradients (III): Vascular plants on Terceira Island (Azores) transect. HENRIQUES, D, R. B. ELIAS, M.C.M. COELHO, R.H. HERNÁNDEZ, F. PEREIRA & R. GABRIEL
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Living inside termites: an overview of symbiotic interactions, with emphasis on flagellate protists. DUARTE, S., L. NUNES, P.A.V. BORGES, C.G. FOSSDAL & T. NOBRE
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New records of Cephalopods from Ascension Island (central Atlantic) found in yellowfin tuna stomachs. DOWNES, K.J., J.A. K. SAVAGE & P. BRICKLE
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One fish and seven invertebrate species new for the marine fauna of Cape Verde Islands WIRTZ, P., E. D’ OLIVEIRA & G. BACHSCHMID
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First record of an adult Taningia danae (Cephalopoda: Ocropoteuthidae) in the Canary Islands (Central east-Atlantic) ESCÁNEZ, A. & C. PERALES-RAYA
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Arthropod diversity in three coastal marshes in Terceira Island (Azores) BORGES, P.A.V., C. PIMENTEL, M.R. BRITO, L. BORDA-DE-ÁGUA & R. GABRIEL
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Area prioritization for insect pollinator communities on an Oceanic Island PICANÇO, A., F. RIGAL & P.A.V. BORGES
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Seasonal dynamics of arthropods in the humid native forests of Terceira Island (Azores) BORGES, P.A.V., R. PIMENTEL, R. CARVALHO, R. NUNES, S. WALLON & A. ROS-PRIETO.
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