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Arquipelago – Life and Marine Sciences 37

ARQUIPELAGO - Life and Marine Sciences, publishes annually original scientific articles, short communications and reviews on the terrestrial and marine environment of Atlantic oceanic islands and seamounts.

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Bryophytes of Azorean parks and gardens (I): “Reserva Florestal de Recreio do Pinhal da Paz” – São Miguel Island CLARA POLAINO-MARTIN, ROSALINA GABRIEL, PAULO A.V. BORGES, RICARDO CRUZ AND ISABEL S. ALBERGARIA
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Estimates of biomass and potential yield for the deep-water red crab, Chaceon affinis and the toothed rock crab, Cancer bellianus (Decapoda: Brachyura) off the Azores (Mid-North Atlantic) MÁRIO PINHO, RÉGIS SANTOS, OCTÁVIO MELO, EDUARDO ISIDRO, ANA NOVOA-PABON, WENDELL SILVA AND JOÃO GONÇALVES
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Frondose and turf-dominated marine habitats support distinct trophic pathways: evidence from 15N and 13C stable isotope analyses CLÁUDIA HIPÓLITO, RAUL M.A. NETO, TARSO M.M. COSTA, MARIA A. DIONÍSIO, AFONSO C.L. PRESTES, JOSÉ M.N. AZEVEDO, GUSTAVO M. MARTINS AND ANA I. NETO
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Stock assessment prioritization in the Azores: procedures, current challenges and recommendations RÉGIS SANTOS, WENDELL MEDEIROS-LEAL AND MÁRIO PINHO
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Life goes on: Oblada melanura (Linnaeus, 1758) (Perciformes, Sparidae), the saddled seabream, expands its distribution range westwards to the Azores JOSÉ M.N. AZEVEDO AND RAUL M.A. NETO
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The ecology, biogeography and speciation of the butterflies of the Azores JOHN TENNENT
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