• About us

    Marine research group linked to UAc, with a growing number of researchers

  • Research

    On the way to half a century of North Atlantic R&D experience

  • Education

    Support for the theses of UAc courses (2nd cycle and 3rd cycle) and other European universities

  • Projects

    Growing number of R&D projects and services on the oceans


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Scientific Areas

Global Change

To study on the stability and resilience of ecosystems, their functions and services to climate- and human pressure- driven changes.

Blue Economy

To provide key information in support of current and untapped Blue Growth opportunities while securing a sustainable open-ocean and deep-sea ecosystem management.


Technical advice to management and conservation of insular shores, open-ocean and deep-sea ecosystems to different governmental bodies (UN, FAO, EU, OSPAR, Portugal and Azorean governments).

Ocean Literacy

Outreaching the knowledge and training in ocean sciences with the scientific community, marine stakeholders, the students and the society.


To overcome difficulties in observing and discovering the open ocean and deepsea.

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