IMAR – Institute of Marine Research is opening a call for applications for an uncertain resolute term research contract.

1-Position: Researcher contract will develop several research tasks and support to coordination and management within the scope of the research projects  MEESO – Ecologically and economically sustainable mesopelagic fisheries’ (EU H2020-LC-BG-03-2018), AEROS-Az Constellation – Development of a nanosatellite platform as a precursor of a future constellation to leverage the Space/Ocean scientific and economic synergies ‘Mission Atlantic: Atlantic Marine Ecosystems & Services (H2020-LC-BG-08-2018-862428).

The research will be integrated in the team of the Working Group on Marine Protected Areas (GAMPA), in projects in the thematics areas of Marine Ecology, Marine Spatial Planning and Costal Ecosystem Management developed by IMAR Instituto do Mar.

2-Technical and scientific discipline: Marine biology, Marine Ecology , or related fields.

3-Admission requirements: Candidates must hold:

3.1 PhD in marine sciences or oceanography, competed in the last three years or longer (in case the degree has been issued by a non-Portuguese university, the PhD certification should comply with the Decreto-Lei nº.  66/2018, de 16 de agosto until the contract start date);

3.2 Certified SCUBA diving experience;

3.3 Experience with acoustic tracking methods, maintenance and management of acoustic tracking networks and acoustic data analysis from oceanic and coastal environments ;

3.4 Experience in satellite biotelemetry, tagging and biologging methods, photogrammetry and photo ID of megafauna;

3.5 Experience in the data base management of acoustic telemetry data and satellite/archival data (data storage tags);

3.6 Knowledge in ecology and taxonomy of elasmobranchs;

3.7 Good communications skills (oral and written) in both Portuguese and English;

3.8 Availability to travel, join filed work expeditions, meetings, and project related workshops, both domestic and international .

In addition to these admission requirements, the following skills and abilities will be highly valued:

i. Participation in projects and initiatives involving the marine environment of the Azores;

ii. Experience in planning, executing and leading fields missions in remote islands environments;

iii. Knowledge about the marine environment of the Azores including the coastal, deep sea and open ocean ecosystems, as well as existing types and sources of information;

iv- Scientific publications in the thematic areas of the call;

v. Great ability to work independently, in international and multidisciplinary teams, and to meet deadlines.

4-Work plan: The candidate will have the following specific responsibilities:

4.1 Plan and participate actively on scientific cruises/expeditions for sampling and data collection in the context of the project

4.2 Co-mentor students and other young researchers for data analysis and filed work

4.3 Leading and contributing to the production of scientific publications and project grant proposals

4.4 Attend project meetings and work shops

4.5 Contribute to the writing of projects reports, working documents etc. assuring delivery in a timely fashion

4.6 Participate actively in the general support to the projects mentioned in 1) and interaction with the other projects teams.

4.7 Participate in general support activities for other related projects, namely BlueAzores, DEESPAR, EcoDivePWN, ETN, Megalodon, MoniCo, and other that may start in the future.

5-Applicable legislation: Code of the Portuguese labour, approved by the Law nº7/2009 of 12th of February with all the modifications introduced thereafter.

6-Working location: The work will be developed at IMAR- Instituto do MAR, based at the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores in Horta (Faial Island) under the scientific supervision of Doutor Pedro Afonso Santos

7-Contract duration

i) According the established on article 140º, nº 1 in Code of the Portuguese labour the contract is to address a temporary need of IMAR, during the period strictly necessary for this purpose, on an exclusive basis as mandated by IMAR-Institute do Mar contract regulations and Portuguese legislation, in particular the Portuguese Labour Code.

ii) The contract will remain active from the date of signature until the end of the project´s funding, or completion of the work. The contract expires when predicting the occurrence of the term, IMAR communicates this information to the Researcher, with at least seven, 30 or 60 days as the contract has lasted up to six months, six months to two years or longer period.

 The contract aims to satisfy a temporary need of IMAR, for the execution of a specific, precisely defined and non-durable service, the context of which is explained in Sections 1 to 4, during the period strictly necessary for that purpose, while the project referred to in Point 1 lasts, or when the work is completed.

The contract will enter into force on the date of contract signature and expire at the end of the stipulated period or its renewal, if it occurs. Under no circumstances will the contract be in force beyond the period required for execution of the project and may not exceed the legal duration limit. 

8-Compensation: The researcher will be paid under the index 33, corresponding the gross value of 2153.94€ (two thousand one hundred and fifty three euros and ninety four cents) including all other benefits described in the Portuguese legislation.

9-Selection criteria: The selection of candidates will be based on the evaluation of the detailed Curriculum Vitae, taking into account the demonstration of the capabilities listed in the admission requirements, as well as the fulfilment of admission criteria and preferential conditions. An interview may be carried out with the admitted candidates to clarify relevant aspects for the evaluation.

10-Application submission: The call will be open from 18 to 31 march, 2022(10 working days) Applications must be submitted by email, with the subject “Call – Aeros/Meeso/Mission Atalntic” to,  with the following documents: letter of motivation with justification of skills for the position, a detailed Curriculum Vitae and copies of academic degree certificates as well as other professional certificates and other documentation deemed relevant. Applications can be submitted in Portuguese or English. Failure to submit the requested documents will be reason for exclusion of the application.

11-Evaluation committee: Dr Pedro Afonso Santos (President of the committee), Dr Monica Silva (vogal) and Dr Jorge Fontes (vogal). The composition of the evaluation committee may be changed in case of eventual conflict of interests with competing candidates.

12-Notification of results: The final results will be presented in a list ranked by the candidates’ final scores, to be sent by e-mail to all applicants. The successful candidate will be notified via email. If the decision is unfavourable, the candidates have 10 working days to appeal. The jury reserves the right not to award the contract in the event that no candidate has the required academic training, the required qualifications and/or does not present the conditions and/or profile considered necessary for the effective execution of the tasks foreseen in the Project.