The Atlantic Conference: History, Culture and Heritage is a scientific reunion, with a multidisciplinary profile, organized by CHAM Azores, with the goal of to maintain a biannual periodicity. Particullarly focusing on Human and Scocial Sciences, but open to other fields of knowledge, it will have, in each edition, a specific theme. These meeting, aimed at creating new bridges between the islands and the mainlands, favours the internationalisation and have, as wellcoming place, the facilities of the University of the Azores (Ponta Delgada campus, São Miguel island).

The 1st edition, which will take place from 27 to 30 September of 2021, will focus on the theme Leisure, Travel and Tourism. These wide-ranging issues have been of enormous relevance from the distant past to the present day, because socializing and sociability have always integrated the habits of everyday life. Travels, motivated by multiple imperatives, eventually triggering sightseeing tours which, since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, have enchanted sociais elites, ultimately extending to mass tourism. There were numerous travelers who crossed the Atlantic, first by sea and later by air, bridging both continents and islands.
Thus, the Conference seeks to bring together, in different panels, scholars and specialists in these matters, to analyze and debate the role of leisure and the habit of travel in daily life, at different periods of History, as well as their contribution to the increase of tourism that today has a global dimension.

27 to 30 September 2021.

University of the Azores — Ponta Delgada, S.Miguel Island – Azores

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Robert Beck
Keynote Speaker
Rosemary Sweet
Keynote Speaker

Scientific Board

Irene Vaquinhas (CHSC/Univ. de Coimbra)

Isabel Soares Albergaria (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

João Paulo Oliveira Costa (CHAM/FCSH – U. Nova de Lisboa)

Margarida Vaz do Rego Machado (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho (CHSC – Univ. de Coimbra)

Maria Izilda Matos (PUC – S. Paulo – Brasil)

Robert Beck (Université François – Rabelais, Tours)

Rosemary Sweet (University of Leicester)

Susana Serpa Silva (CHAM/Univ dos Açores)

Organizing Committee

Ana Cristina Correia Gil (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Duarte Nuno Chaves (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Leonor Sampaio da Silva (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Lia Gomes (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Margarida Vaz Rego do Machado (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Rute Dias Gregório (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Susana Serpa Silva (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)