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Arquipelago - Life and Marine Sciences publishes original scientific articles, short communications and reviews on the terrestrial and marine environment of Atlantic oceanic islands and seamounts.

Please submit manuscripts to the Editor:,

Instructions to authors and other information:

Manuscripts accepted after peer-review, will become available online and published by order of acceptance, free of charge for authors and readers.


General. MSS should be submitted to the Editor by e-mail:

The text, in English, should be ready to go online and carefully checked for all errors, including linguistic ones, before submission. Choose font Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced paragraph and insert page numbers. MSS that are not in accordance with the instructions will be returned for revision. All MSS will be peer-reviewed by two referees prior to their acceptance by the Editor.

Style. 1) Title and 2) Authors’ names, followed by 3) Abstract (not exceeding 200 words), 4) Keywords (up to five), and 5) Author’s names and professional postal addresses; 6) The main text; 7) Acknowledgments; 8) References; 9) Appendices; 10) Tables with legends and 11) List of figures with legends.

For research articles the text (6) must be organized as follows: Introduction; Material and Methods; Results; Discussion. The Abstract should convey the scope of the paper, emphasizing the results and conclusions, not merely describing its contents. Limit the authors’ professional addresses (5) to official filiations only.

References. (6) Should correspond with the examples given below:

a) Reference to a book:

Boyle, Peter 2009. Life in the Mid Atlantic. Bergen Museum, University of Bergen. 240 pp.

b) Reference to a chapter from a book:

O’Dor, R., H.O. Pörtner and R.E. Shadwick 1990. Squid as elite athletes: locomotory, respiratory, and circulatory integration. Pp. 481-503 in: Gilbert, D. L., W. J. Adelman, Jr. & J. M. Arnold (Eds). Squid As Experimental Animals. Plenum Press, New York-London. 516 pp.

c) Article from a journal:

Bentley, M.G., P.J.W. Olive, P.R. Garwood and N.H. Wright 1984. The spawning and spawning mechanism of Nephtys caeca (Fabricius, 1780) and Nephtys homebergi Savigny, 1818 (Annelida: Polychaeta). Sarsia 69: 63-68.

d) Electronic article, from online-only Journal:

Woo, K.L. 2006. Testing Visual Sensivity to the Speed and Direction of Motion in Lizards. Journal of Visualized Experiments [Internet]. Available from: (cited 18 February 2007)

Use ampersand (&) for double authorships in the text. Use “et al.” in the text for references with three or more authors. Avoid multiple citations in the text, preferably including the earliest and most recent work. The reference list should be ordered alphabetically by author’s name and year of publication, followed by increasing number of co-authors. Journal titles should be written in full.

Figures and Tables. All figures and large tables should be presented using font Times New Roman and separately. Photographs should be clear, have high contrast, and in digital format (tiff or jpg) with 300 dpi, with at least 15×15 cm. No original figures should be submitted before the MS has been accepted.

E-mail Attachment. All text and images files formats are accepted. Attachments must be identified with the author’s last name followed by the file name and extension (e.g. Bianchi_text.doc, Bianchi_fig1.tif, Bianchi_tab1.xls).

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